Big Dams or Small Homes?

Dams may sometimes be needed. I am not sure. But who decides whether or not they are built?  Here are two lessons from recent history, to which no words need to be added.  

First, a moving commentary by Arandhati Roy about the Narmada Dam project in India. 

“Big Dams are to a Nation’s ‘Development’ what Nuclear Bombs are to its Military Arsenal. They’re both weapons of mass destruction. They’re both weapons Governments use to control their own people. Both Twentieth Century emblems that mark a point in time when human intelligence has outstripped its own instinct for survival. They’re both malignant indications of civilisation turning upon itself. They represent the severing of the link, not just the link – the understanding – between human beings and the planet they live on. They scramble the intelligence that connects eggs to hens, milk to cows, food to forests, water to rivers, air to life and the earth to human existence.” 

 Second, a list of homes and properties in the village of Capel Celyn inundated by the deliberate flooding of part of the Tryweryn Valley in 1965: 

“Moelfryn; Glan Celyn + y Llythyrdy (Post Office); Y Fynwent (Cemetery); Tynybont; Brynhyfryd; Brynhyfryd; Cae Fadog; Coed Mynach; Garnedd Lwyd; Y Tyrpeg (The Turnpike); Gwerndelwau; Y Capel (Chapel); Ty Capel (Chapel House); Yr Ysgol (School); Y Gelli; Penbryn Fawr; Dol Fawr; Hafod Fadog (Quaker meeting place); Mynwent y Crynwyr (The Quakers’ Cemetery); Tyddyn Bychan”

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